Volume & Issue: Volume 1, Issue 3, Spring 2015, Pages 80-119 
1. The effectiveness of positive psychology interventions with Islamic approach to increase hope in females with multiple sclerosis

Pages 80-83

Hadis Saeedi; Hossein Mousavi Nasab; Ali Mehdi Zadeh ZareAnari; Hossein Ali Ebrahimi; Mohsen Gorgani Nezhad; Kouros Divsalar

2. The relationship between neuroticism and life expectancy with addiction potential tendency in male high school students

Pages 84-87

Alireza Agha Yousefi; Majid Saffarniya; Ommolbanin Roodbari; Hadis Saeedi; Kouros Divsalar; Fatemeh Eslamian

3. The effectiveness of positive thinking training on perceived stress and happiness in patients with thalassemia major

Pages 88-91

Ommolbanin Roodbari; Hossein Zare; Hadis Saeedi; Kouros Divsalar; Fatemeh Eslamian

4. The comparison of maladaptive cognitive schemas and irrational beliefs among smoker and non-smoker students

Pages 92-98

Haniyeh Gholamzadeh; Mohammad Ghaderi Ramazi; Hamidreza Dehghan; Kouros Divsalar

6. Changes in the pattern of opium addiction in Bam after the earthquake

Pages 104-108

Mohammad Reza Aflatoonian; Iraj Sharifi; Behnaz Aflatoonian; Kouros Divsalar