The Effect of Eight Weeks of Interval Aerobic Training with Green Tea and Ginger Consumption on Lipid Profiles of Overweight Women

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, Behbahan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Behbahan, Iran


Introduction: Obesity is a complex chronic disorder with multifactorial etiology that includes genetics, hormones, diet, age, physical activity and the environment. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of 8-weeks of interval aerobic training with green tea and ginger on lipid profiles of overweight women in Behbahan city. Methods: In this study, 40 overweight women (age: 44.05 ± 9.40 years; weight: 73.77 ± 9.22 kg; height: 1.57 ± 0.05 m, and body mass index: 29.79 ± 3.10 kg / m2) were divided in 4 groups of 10 subjects: 1) control, 2) training, 3) training and supplementation, and 4) supplementation. The subjects participated in the study for 8 weeks and 3 sessions each week, and blood samples were taken to measure the TG, TC, LDL and HDL factors as pre-test and post-test. Paired samples t-test and ANOVA at a significant level of P ≤ 0.05 was used to examine the difference between the groups and the effect of training and supplementation. Results: The findings of this study showed that interval aerobic training with supplementation of green tea and ginger has beneficial effects on the lipid profile. Also, contrary to TG (P=0.17), TC (P=0.004), HDL (P=0.51), and LDL (P=0.02) in paired samples t-test, were not totally significant between the groups. Conclusion: Interval aerobic training with green tea and ginger consumption had no statistically significant effects on the lipid profile of overweight women, but interval aerobic training and green tea and ginger consumption, separately or combined can have effects on lipid profile of overweight women.


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