The Effects of Centella asiatica Aqueous Extract on some Blood Parameters in Rat Model of Alzheimer's Disease

Document Type : Original Article


1 Cellular and Molecular Biology Department, Ahvaz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ahvaz, Iran

2 Department of Biology, Izeh Branch, Islamic Azad University, Izeh, Iran


Introduction: Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a progressive and irreversible neuropsychiatric disorder of the brain with a deadly outcome and unknown etiology in which the concentration and function of some brain transmitters, particularly acetylcholine, reduce in AD in the cerebral cortex, e.g., the hippocampus. This study aimed to evaluate the effects of aquatic extract of Centella asiatica (CeA) leaf on hematological parameters in NBM (Nucleus Basalis of Mynert)- lesioned rats induced by Ibotenic acid (IA). Methods: Thirty-two male Wistar rats (20- 24 months old; weighing 330±30 g) were selected and randomly divided into four equal groups (n=12) including 1. Control group (which were intact rats), 2. L group (NBM- lesioned rats), 3. CeA group and 4. L+CeA group. NBM was bilaterally lesioned. Seven days after stereotaxic surgery, the total number of white blood cells (WBCs), the total number of red blood cells (RBCs), hemoglobin level (Hb), and hematocrit level (Hct) were assessed. For statistical analysis of data Mann Whitney U- test (p≤0.05) was used. Results: IA treatment induced a significant decrease of WBCs, followed by significant decrease in RBCs, Hb and Hct compared with control group (p≤0.05). Also, the lesion of the NBM after oral administration of Centella asiatica extract had no effect on the above blood parameters and even all of the parameters in two groups of CeA and CeA+L compared with the control group showed a non-significant increase (p≥0.05). Conclusion: It appears that some blood parameters decrease in rat model of Alzheimer's disease. Also, this research shows the important role of the cholinergic neurons of central nervous system in the regulation of erythropoiesis, also Centella asiatica extract can stimulate hematopoiesis.


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